About Us - Tradition & Technology

About Us - Tradition & Technology - Olive Oil Season

Our olives. Not just green …

We have been producing one of the best olive oils in Morocco for many years, which regularly wins national and international awards. For our premium olive oil, we choose the earliest possible harvest time in order to only pick green olives. Because they contain most of the polyphenols - and make Olive Oil Season so healthy and tasty.

Even the best olives can be damaged by machine harvesting, which is why we allow ourselves the luxury of only picking them gently by hand. That costs time and money, but is essential for the exceptional quality that we guarantee.

  • Eco-certified according to EU standards

  • Mostly green olives full of bitter substances

  • Only picked by hand

… but premium. Our extra virgin olive oil

The production of a premium product doesn’t stop after picking. Our olive oil is obtained by cold extraction in the Oléastre mill near Meknes within three hours of being harvested. Extraction may not sound very romantic, but in contrast to old-fashioned pressing processes, it completely preserves the healthy bitter substances, aromas and fatty acids of the olive. We have the high content of healthy polyphenols checked regularly by the Eurofins Institute in Hamburg. Our olive oil is also continuously tested for mineral oil or plastic residues.

  • fast processing

  • cold extraction

  • very high content of healthy polyphenols

  • no mineral oil or plastic contamination

Technology & Tradition

While historians argue about whether the cultivation of olives came to Europe from Morocco in antiquity, there is agreement that around Meknes are some of the oldest olive-growing areas in the world. In the Middle Atlas region, traditional rural handicrafts, ideal climatic conditions and valuable calcareous soils come together today.

Tradition is not enough: We are continuously working on the latest scientific findings on rearing, cultivation, harvesting and production. In this way we ensure that no outdated clichés reduce the excellent quality of our olive oil. Olive Oil Season is a unique blend of tradition and technology - and you can taste it.

We love premium olive oil

It is always a special event when the first fresh olive oil from the new harvest is tasted. At that moment we can taste that all the hard work has been worth it. A premium olive oil always unfolds new subtle notes on the palate.

The earthy bitterness of our rich soils.

The fresh green of rainy winter and spring.

The intense power of the hot Moroccan summer.

And the most important part: autumn.

See, feel, when it’s the right time to harvest.

The long days when people pick together from morning to evening. The brief moments when you take a deep breath while working and look up into the wide blue sky.

We are proud of our olive oil.

Markus Siebeneicher - Olive Oil Sommelier & Director

Markus is the founder of Olive Oil Season. As creative director he is responsible for the website, as sommelier he accompanies every step of the production of our olive oil.

Find out more about Markus.

Reda Tahiri - Mastermiller

Reda grows the excellent olives for our oil and, as a master miller, is also responsible for the pressing/extraction.

Learn more about Reda.

Dalal Najem - Quality Manager

Dalal is the founder of Olive Oil Season, a chemist and, as a quality manager, responsible for ensuring that only the best olive oil ends up in our bottles - and that they arrive fresh at your home.

Learn more about Dalal.


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