Mild Fruity / Platinum Winner 🥇

Moroccan Premium Olive Oil Season 23

Moroccan Premium Olive Oil Season 23 - Olive Oil Season

Premium Product

Extra virgin olive oil season 2023, 1.5L practical standing box

44,95 EUR / 1.5liter

Not available

Shipping: Germany, 2-4 days delivery

Delivery costs: from 50 € free

Edition: 150 pieces

Content: 1.5liter, Extra virgin olive oil, first harvest, cold-extracted, 29,95 € / liter

Mild fruity, in the new kitchen-tested stand-up pouch

  • Category: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, First Harvest, Cold extracted
  • Harvest: Nov. 2022, Morocco / Meknes
  • Awards: 1 x Platinum
  • Variety: Pichuline Marocaine

Ideal for everyday cooking, roasting up to 203° or as a topping for cold ones Dishes - or simply enjoy on white bread. The new stand-up pouch packaging keeps the olive oil fresh for a long time and protects it from air and light. Our outstanding olive oil is made from hand-picked green olives. Modern cold extraction immediately after the harvest creates a balanced taste, accompanied by an intense finish on the palate. A real gem for gourmets and health-conscious people.

Olive Oil Season, Media

Award Winner

Olive Oil Season, Media

Platinum Award

The Season 23 was awarded the Platinum Award.

Our olive oils have received multiple awards over many years; you can find all other awards here.

Olive oil profile

  • Smoke point: 203° (suitable for frying)
  • Consumption: until November 2026 (best due to the high polyphenol content durable)
  • Chemical Analysis: Acid: 0.23%, Peroxide: 4.5 meq, K232: 1.92, K270: 0.15 (Values ​​can naturally change slightly over time )
  • Avg. Temperature in the tank: 18-22°
Olive Oil Season, Media

Morocco, Meknes

700 meters above sea level and high biodiversity offer the best conditions for good olive oil.

Natural wonder from the Atlas Mountains

  • Certified organic quality, free from fertilizers and pesticides
  • The unique Pichuline Maroccain variety with a fruity profile
  • First harvest , lovingly hand-picked
  • Unique aroma full of healthy antioxidants

The focus of the production of our Moroccan olive oil is on the careful hand-picking of the olives. As a result, we treat our fruit from the picturesque Atlas Mountains near Meknes with care and at the same time create local jobs. An early harvest of the predominantly green olives gives our Moroccan olive oil its refreshing and fruity aroma. At the same time, important polyphenols that act as powerful antioxidants are preserved. The processing takes place immediately after the harvest by gentle cold extraction in our nearby oil mill.

The Magic of Polyphenols: Powerful Antioxidants

Polyphenols have been in the spotlight for a while. They are the key to health, vitality and a slim body into old age. Our mildly fruity premium olive oil contains approx. 200 mg/kg polyphenols. And yes, these miracle substances have an intense taste. “Olive Oil Season” offers an exquisite taste combination of bitterness and fruity nuances.

Health meets pure enjoyment.

Learn more about here the health benefits of olive oil.

Top acid value: 0.24%

Guaranteed Fresh

Unique variety Pichuline Maroccaine

Suitable for roasting up to 203°C

Gently harvested & extracted

Stored at temperature until delivery

From the origin to you: Moroccan olive oil in perfection

  • Direct shipping from Germany
  • Carefully temperature-controlled delivery
  • Bottling in Germany for absolute freshness

In order to ensure the unsurpassed quality of our extra virgin olive oil, we guarantee careful and rapid delivery directly from the source to Germany. Instead of bottling in Morocco, this takes place in an ecologically sound manner in German production facilities, where our olive oil is filled into bottles and practical bag-in-box packaging. Shipping and delivery take place from our state-of-the-art warehouse in Bremen, which is specially designed for the optimal storage and preservation of our premium olive oils. We do everything we can to offer you a first-class olive oil.

Premium Product

Extra virgin olive oil season 2023, 1.5L practical standing box

44,95 EUR / 1.5liter

Not available

Shipping: Germany, 2-4 days delivery

Delivery costs: from 50 € free

Edition: 150 pieces

Content: 1.5liter, Extra virgin olive oil, first harvest, cold-extracted, 29,95 € / liter

Versatile frying experience up to 203 degrees.

Olive oil for frying? Our “Olive Oil Season” has been laboratory tested for its smoke point: it can withstand temperatures of up to 203 degrees. It doesn’t matter whether you want to prepare eggs, potatoes or steak - this exceptional olive oil is suitable for frying, boiling and deep-frying. Not only top chefs swear by it: almost every dish becomes tastier and healthier when prepared with high-quality olive oil.

Learn more about [the benefits of frying with olive oil](/guide/ fry-with-olive-oil).

Reda - The master behind this outstanding olive oil

As a trained farmer, Reda has been extracting the best olive oils in Morocco for over a decade. Find out more about our dedicated team and our passionate dedication to producing quality olive oils.

The longer the olives mature, the darker they become. Black olives are less fresh and have already lost many valuable nutrients. On the other hand, green olive oil offers a higher quality, although it contains less oil.

Your Olive Oil producer: Moroccan olive oil for private and commercial use

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Pichuline Maroccain olives with an exotic, harmonious aroma profile
  • Delivery to end consumers and B2B customers
  • Outstanding service and first-class quality through optimized harvesting, processing and packaging
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Olive Oil mill and farm in the Atlas Mountains near Meknes, Morocco - A historic growing region since Roman antiquity
  • Sustainable environment thanks to the ideal location (approx. 700 meters above sea level), biodiversity and sandy-dry soil

As a renowned manufacturer of high-quality olive oils, your satisfaction is important to us . Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is sold direct to end users as well as to experienced retailers and wholesalers. Although Morocco is the world’s fifth largest supplier of olive oil, our special olive trees are a real insider tip: The Pichuline Maroccain Olive Oil exudes Mediterranean flair and inspires with exotic notes and a fruity, subtly bitter aroma profile that is unique in the world.

Our Olive Oil mill and farm in Meknes, Morocco, offers the unique Pichuline Maroccain olives an optimal location at an altitude of around 700 meters. The region is characterized by biodiversity and sandy, dry soil. The cultivation of olives and the production of olive oil have a long tradition here since ancient Roman times.

Contact us

As your trusted commercial Olive Oil producer, we offer B2B shipping for all of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Choose between bulk packs or ready-to-sell, light-protected 500 ml bottles with our exclusive Olive Oil Season label. Labels can be ordered in your local language or in English. For large orders we are happy to optimize shipping in containers.

Do you have any questions or would you like to place an order? You can reach our team by email at or by phone. See Contact for more information.

Morocco: One of the world’s largest olive oil producers

  • Perfect location in the Atlas Mountains near Meknes
  • Organic certified farm and sustainable cultivation of olives
  • Diverse biodiversity as the basis for first-class olive oil
  • Pichuline Maroccain: A unique olive oil variety with an expressive aroma profile

Our location in the picturesque Atlas Mountains near Meknes/Morocco is known for its long tradition in olive cultivation known. Along with Spain, Italy and Greece, Morocco is one of the five largest olive oil producers in the world. Our region offers a rich historical history as well as a sustainable management of old olive trees in optimal climatic conditions at an altitude of 600 to 800 meters above sea level. This makes it one of the best growing regions for high quality olive oil in Morocco. Our farm, oil mill and olives are certified organic. The surrounding country is characterized by an impressive variety of animal and plant species, which contributes to biodiversity. This enables us to achieve high quality without the use of pesticides. Our olives come from a unique olive variety that can only be found in Morocco: the Pichuline Maroccain Olive. It is characterized by a multi-faceted aroma profile from fruity to bitter and shows remarkable harmony and balance.


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